Cake Decorating Tips & Ideas

When it comes to a party the one thing that sells it is the cake. The party could be absolutely awful but as long as the cake is good –  everyone will be happy!

Most people tend to go for ordering either a fancy pre-made one or just a generic cake from a store or local bakers.

There are cake shops that will make your tasty treat customised to your own specific theme, but these tend to be on the expensive side and can take quite a while to make.

But, there are a few people who tend to go the extra mile and design their own custom cakes.

These perfect pastries tend to be based around their chosen tastes and preferences.

Not only are they usually absolutely gorgeous, they’re a great way to save money and avoid the headache of hoping your order doesn’t contain any mistakes.

Each cakes theme tends to vary as these brilliant bakers can create a whole host of surprising sweets with incredibly intricate designs.

Although some of the designs tend to be a bit more advanced than others, that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple ones you can make at home.

With that in mind, here’s our list of a few interesting and relatively simple cake ideas for you to try.

Bingo Cake

If there are two things that everyone loves its Bingo and cake, so why not marry the two together and make a Bingo themed cake for that special occasion?

A Bingo cake is not only a terrific treat, but it also comes with its own columns and numbers just waiting for you to fill in.

Although you should probably use icing sugar instead of ink to fill in the numbers… :)

For that personal touch, you could place your loved ones name inside the Bingo columns on the cake.

You could also make mini-cupcakes and decorate them as bingo balls to accompany the main cake. Try using gumballs or Cadburys mini-eggs to represent the balls and then decorate them with food dye to write the numbers.

When it comes to servings, why not even give all your guests a random card with a number corresponding to one on the cake. That way you can practice your bingo caller voice as your guests pick out their own numbers, plus everyone gets equal share of the cake.

If you’re at a loss as to where you could find Bingo themed cake decorations to use, check out this page.

Bingo cake


Gymnastics Cake

But if Bingo’s not your style and you prefer a more active lifestyle, then why not decorate your cake with a Gymnastic theme?

For that extra special touch you could print out silhouettes and use custom designs either created by you or from other websites to add gymnastic poses or sport equipment to your creative cake.

The designs can be created with a variety of fillers from dark to white chocolate, or even caramelised sugar to create intricate shapes and patterns.

You can even add more layers to your original gymnast cake topper design. Perhaps give them a uniform of matching colours if the person you’re making it for is in a team.

The following video by expert cake decorator Kelly Delaney, shows you how to create the ideal Gymnastics cake.

Spiderman Cake

This is possibly one of the best ideas for any self-respecting superhero fan.

But if Spidey isn’t your thing, you can always go for other Marvel or DC characters.

The number of heroes is limitless since the comic book hero roster is pretty much in the thousands by now.

For the sake of simplicity you could design a cake based around your chosen heroe’s mask.

Or you could go all out and do a full body design of your chosen Supers suit, although this tends to be a bit complicated for the flashy Superhero outfits like Thor’s or Wonder Woman’s for example.

Teddy Bear Cake

If perhaps the person you’re making this for isn’t into Superheroes, then why not go for the old classic of a fluffy teddy bear?

This video shows a fantastic example of how to make your own teddy treat. But you don’t have to make yours exactly the same if you aren’t as skilled with the icing sugar.

Instead, you can opt for a more basic body design. Another possibility would be to create miniature cupcakes with their own teddy faces on them, that way when you go outside you’ll have your very own Teddy Bear Picnic.

Barbie Cake

Finally we have what every child loves, a Barbie. This little doll plastered on a cake is a must have for any children’s birthday party.

If there’s one thing you’re going to need for a Barbie cake its pink icing and lots of it.

You can base your idea for the cake around a variety of things in Barbie’s life, from her mansion to all her different activities, or even just make a giant Barbie face cake with your child’s name emblazoned across it.

Or if you’re brave enough, you could submerge an actual Barbie into the cake and use it as part of the design, like the one in the video.

You don’t have to stick to the examples we’ve shown you, the types of customisations you can give your cakes is absolutely limitless all that’s stopping you is your imagination.

So get out there and start baking!